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E-commerce or e-commerce over the Internet is often synonymous with Ebay or other online wholesalers.
Buying items online in many cases means saving money by paying less, and most importantly, avoiding the inconvenient departure to the store away from home.
Buying online, however, becomes an interesting activity, especially if you find unique items that are not in supermarkets or stalls, unsuitable pieces because they are handmade. is the main store in the world for e-commerce, where anyone can open a window and sell their vintage creations, handicrafts, clothes, shoes and many other things, of which very often there is a unique, unrepeatable copy.
In this article we see how to register on Etsy, search for items and buy online.
Etsy is an e-commerce site made up of individual consumer stores, similar to eBay or Amazon.

However, Etsy hosts very specific types of products, these are handmade items, vintage clothing and jewelry, household utensils, recycled items, craft supplies and Etsy basically encourages everyone to run for free and without the cost of access and management, a small business website , do it all yourself.
Even if you run an online store on Etsy, the site remains really fun in finding certain items and maybe even buying them.

Etsy is also well connected to social networks and products for sale on Facebook, and Pinterest can comment on Facebook.

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